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Nine more films for this year's Cinedrome

With only four weeks to go until GM16, we add nine new flicks to the already bumper packed Cinedrome.

Grab your Growler!

A quick peep at some of the grog you can expect at this year's Green Man..

Five weeks to go, forty new bands added!

With just FIVE WEEKS to go until our great big party in the beautiful Black Mountains, we couldn’t stop ourselves from telling you about even more of the amazing names playing at this year’s Green Man.Unveiling 40 more bands for you!  We’re good to you, aren’t we?

Scale the summits of your imagination: GM16 unveils new performing arts area ‘Back of Beyond’

A new place of enchantment is beginning to stir within the magic surrounds of Green Man 2016. Hidden by the woods behind the lively hubbub of our Walled Garden and nestled within the beautiful Fortune Falls, this freshly curated performing arts area Back of Beyond will set the scene for spectacular circus and dance, mischievous encounters and make believe moments with some of Wales’ most talented performers.Mae rhywbeth yn dechrau ystwyrian ar safle newydd lledrithiol yng ngŵyl ryfeddol y Dyn Gwyrdd 2016. Bydd ardal gelfyddydol newydd sbon Ym Mhen Draw’r Byd - sy’n swatio yn y coed y tu ôl i fwstwr bywiog ein Gardd Furiog o fewn llecyn hyfryd y Rhaeadr Ryfeddol - yn gefndir i berfformiadau syrcas a dawns mawreddog, i gyfarfyddiadau direidus ac eiliadau o ddychymyg pur yng nghwmni rhai o berfformwyr mwyaf talentog Cymru.

Tony Njoku Wins Green Man Rising 2016

We're very pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s Green Man Rising competition is Tony Njoku. Tony will open the Mountain Stage at this year’s festival on Friday 19th August – the same stage that will later feature headline sets from Belle & Sebastian, Laura Marling and James Blake.

Unveiling the day by day splits for GM16

Start planning your wonderful weekends now!

Music legends and GM favourites get tongues a-wagging in this year’s Talking Shop.

Our Talking Shop stage is where incredible stories and amusing anecdotes are shared by an awe-inspiring lineup of top-notch speakers, and there’s plenty to tickle your curiosity this year.

Giggle along with the Green Man

Get the giggles at Green Man 2016: a first look at this year’s comedy line-up..